Fundraising Information


Are you tired of selling candles and candy bars for fundraisers? Do you really need another magazine subscription? Do you want something different, fun and personal, to enjoy for years to come? Why not try our personalized ornaments from Treasured You will find that it makes for a truly unique and dynamic campaign that will grab supporters attention and really get them talking about your cause.

Your group can promote your cause easily with flyers (provided by Treasured Ornaments) through friends and family, text messages, e-mails, even Facebook! Your supporters can then go to the Treasured Ornaments web site and make their selection without feeling rushed or pressured to decide quickly. Once they have chosen their ornaments, they just need to enter your code at checkout where they will save 20%. This helps ensure they the code so your group receives credit for the sale. Upon receiving the orders, we will personalize and ship them to the customers along with the bill. When the campaign is complete, we will ship a copy of the orders to you, along with a profit check of 5.00 for each ornament sold. All items on our site are included.**Campaign must do a minimum of $500.00 to be eligible.**

Personalized Ornaments have a great price point, make great gifts, and are a unique item, which makes for a refreshing change to the fundraising market. This is also a much less stressful approach to fundraising since we take care of everything for you! You won’t have to handle any money, deal with inventory, order forms or delivery; not to mention the safety risks of door-to-door sales. And we do all the delivering!

Personalized ornaments are growing in popularity, showing an 8% increase in sales each year! With the right motivation and promotion, your cause can benefit greatly from this innovative fundraising opportunity.

Thank you for considering personalized ornaments from Treasured I look forward to helping you raise money for your cause. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up a fundraising benefit. I can be reached


Keri Maciel